Accountability & Action Group

Sometimes we just need some accountability and guidance! This group isWhat’s included Private Facebook Group for all members Access to over 50 workouts for all levels Weekly LIVE virtual workouts with ME Weekly challenges to keep you moving forward LIVE virtual monthly meetings with va here to help you find your priorities, set your goals, and create actions steps to accomplish those goals; while keeping you accountable throughout. It also includes a LOT more.

What’s included:

  • Private Facebook Group for all members
  • Access to over 50 workouts for all levels
  • Weekly LIVE virtual workouts with ME (min. 5 participants)
  • Weekly challenges to keep you moving in the right direction
  • LIVE virtual monthly meetings to discuss month’s topic
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Healthy Recipe swaps
  • Daily motivations, tips, suggestions, podcasts and more
  • Turn wishes into GOALS and create Action Steps to reach them!

It’s time to invest in yourself and reach your goals! 

Investment: $50 / month


Online Personal Training


When you want personal training guidance but prefer to do the workouts on your own. This option allows us to communicate on a weekly basis, make goals together, have weekly (or more often) check-ins, talk more specifically about diets, struggles, and so much more. The workouts are created specifically for you, based on your goals/abilities, in an app, which is accessible via  your smartphone. Includes:


Personalized Workouts: 2-3 weekly strength, HIIT, TRX, yoga or whatever types of workouts we decide on (4-5 if we add in the cardio) designed specifically for you.

Ability to do workouts anywhere (home, gym, hotel, outdoors) as long as you have your phone. Equipment is not required, but it’s definitely beneficial to have some equipment

Accountability and support from me.

1-on-1 Evaluation: Initial evaluation of your healthy habits, goal setting, and planning ahead for obstacles/triggers that stand in the way of you and your healthy habit goals

Recipes: A long list of healthy and easy to make recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; which you get to choose from every day

Calendar: to print out so you can write in your meal plans, workout plans, shopping list, and other healthy habit goals to help keep you more accountable

Tools: A plethora of other tools to utilize throughout that will: educate you on healthy habits; help you stay focused; keep you accountable; teach you how to prepare healthy meals; get tips on how to turn healthy choices into habits

Meal Prep: guidance and support to help you prep

Goals: Goal setting assistance

Investment: $120 / month

Online Recorded Workouts:

Program to get you Moving ANYWHEREThe key to getting and STAYING healthy is to make healthy living a habit. These online programs will provide you with a plethora of workouts, food prep help, goal setting, and many other resources to help you create healthy, sustainable habits. What does this entail?

Online Workouts (currently 4 programs with over 40 workouts…and GROWING!)

Workouts include modifications so are appropriate for beginner to advanced

There are body weight programs, dumbbell based, and more advanced equipment based programs

Healthy and EASY recipes to follow

Tools to help you plan, prep, succeed

Facebook Group for tips, support, guidance and fun

Tools to measure success

Educational information on goal setting and habits

Investment: $20 per month



“Everyone should go on this adventure, it’s so freaking awesome!!” – Nancy

I’m hooked on this Healthy Habit Adventure. I’ve had a few inconsistent days due to friends in town, but this helps get me back on track. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.” – Nancy (again)

“My goals for next week: eliminate more negatives & add to the positive list. That is what I like about this program. I don’t feel like a failure because I didn’t stay within points or calories. I know what I need to fix and will try to make more changes.” – Kristen

“I had sick kids here this week. But I stuck to my meal plan, got in 2 videos, I only had 3-4 Halloween treats all week which is good for me! I even met the challenge of picking something decent out to eat for Friday lunch.” – Heather

“This week was a very rough emotionally for a number of reasons… so as reflect back my first reaction was say I completely missed the mark. Didn’t plan well, didn’t meal prep fully, and was off my workout schedule. 
Then I realized all the things that did work… 6 healthy breakfasts, 5 healthy lunches and 4 healthier dinners. Workouts were lighter than I wanted but they were what I needed. My healthy habit that I learned ~ life is going to happen, the good & bad but I can make a choice to keep taking baby steps forward. Thanks to all of you encouragement!!” – Cindy

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