• Goal Setting Workshop – Webinar

    Goal Setting Workshop – Webinar

    Learn how to set realistic, practical and accomplishable goals.

  • 8 Steps to a Successful Resolution

    8 Steps to a Successful Resolution

    How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I TRULY hope they are going well, I mean it is only January 5th. But, according to a commonly cited statistic only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions.

  • I Am Too Tired…

    I Am Too Tired…

    The second most common excuse I hear is “I am too tired to…” workout, cook, read, play with the kids, etc. This excuse is one I WILL accept, but only on occasion!

  • Healthy Living Conveniently & Easily

    Healthy Living Conveniently & Easily

    After talking with a client the other day, she suggested I update my website to talk more about my niche. I asked what exactly she meant and how she viewed my niche. She went on to say my niche was obviously “convenience” and making it “easy for people to live a healthy life.” I hadn’t…