• Pre-Natal Workouts

    Pre-Natal Workouts

    *Consult with a health care professional prior to engaging in any type of pre-natal workouts. And continue to talk with your doctor throughout your pregnancy about exercising to avoid any risks. Why Exercise While Pregnant? Decreases common discomforts such as constipation, swollen extremities, leg cramps, nausea, varicose veins, insomnia, fatigue, back pain, and more Helps…

  • Workout with your Kid(s)

    Workout with your Kid(s)

    We all know that when you have kids it can be a struggle to prioritize working out and taking care of ourselves. BUT…in order for us to be our best self and the best parent/spouse/daughter/son/friend, we need to have self-care strategies in place and make sure we are healthy!

  • 8 Steps to a Successful Resolution

    8 Steps to a Successful Resolution

    How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I TRULY hope they are going well, I mean it is only January 5th. But, according to a commonly cited statistic only 8% of people actually keep their resolutions.

  • It’s the Holidays! Avoid Falling Off the Wagon Without Skipping Grandma’s Pie

    It’s the Holidays! Avoid Falling Off the Wagon Without Skipping Grandma’s Pie

    Thanksgiving is a holiday that revolves around eating, like so many other holidays coming up! We shouldn’t feel like we can’t partake in this family-oriented, fun event; or that we can’t try out all the delicious foods displayed before us. You can, and should, eat a bit of everything. You just have to do so…

  • I Am Too Tired…

    I Am Too Tired…

    The second most common excuse I hear is “I am too tired to…” workout, cook, read, play with the kids, etc. This excuse is one I WILL accept, but only on occasion!