• Jen C.

    I absolutely LOVE working out with Kelli!  You must visit this girl if you are looking for an intense and motivational work out. I am not a self-motivator when it comes to working out and need someone to push me. She pushes to me to go faster and longer and makes it fun!

  • Janice R.

    Ok, I’m a little biased since I’m friends with Kelli. However, with that said, I have worked out with several (at least 8) personal trainers. While most of the trainers I’ve worked with have been good, Kelli is definitely a step up from good. The proof is in the pudding, this girl can do pull-ups […]

  • Amanda D.

    I stumbled upon Kelli through Thumbtack and it has been the best discovery! With so many different types of workouts up her sleeve, I also look forward to see what she has in store for us next. Working out has always felt like a chore, but not with Kelli! Her positive attitude is contagious and […]

  • Mariko W.

    I was introduced to Kelli through a friend who raved about the small group training classes. I loved the whole body work out days, a really intense and great way to finish a stressful work day. I had several shoulder injuries from years past and Kelli modified each exercise so I could build strength while […]

  • Natalie K.

    I did the Red Rocks Boot Camp a few months ago, and as nervous and intimidated as I was going in, I was confident and empowered going out.  Kelli was awesome; motivating and pushing me to give 100%!  Her confidence in me, in each one of us, made me want to push myself harder.  The […]

  • Alicia C.

    I love working out with Kelli. She knows how to make exercise fun by adding plenty of variety to the mix. Her fantastic sense of humor always keeps a smile on my face even through the most grueling training sessions. Plus, her own fitness accomplishments provide great inspiration for me when setting my own fitness […]

  • Andrew C.

    I thought training for a long race meant I should run long distances, Kelli has shown me otherwise. Since starting sprint training with Kelli I have seen significant time improvements to my 10K pace every week. At the start of track training my 10K time was 52:29, now my time is 44:43. I have also […]

  • Amy F.

    Wow! What can I say about Kelli. She is an amazing trainer with the perfect amount of hard-ass and compassion. She won’t let you stop, even when you want to. Her training isn’t about competition with each other, it is about improving on personal goals. There are no surprises, she lays out what she expects […]