Kelli specializes in In-Home Personal Training and Online Training

Both options were created for convenience and to help making working out as easy as possible.

IN-HOME / HYBRID (all “In-Home” are currently done virtually)

With In-Home training clients can cut out the commute time to/from the gym, can have Kelli hold and entertain their kids or pets during workouts (no childcare needed!), and can learn how to workout in the comfort of their own home so it’s easier for them to do so outside of the training sessions. In-person session clients can also add on additional workouts via the Hahn Fitness app if they want even more guidance on days they don’t meet with Kelli.

Hybrid sessions are great for self-motivated and busy individuals who can’t consistently meet every week. This option allows clients to meet with Kelli 1-2 times per month AND have her create workouts via the app for them to do whenever/wherever they want.



There are two options for online workouts:

  1. Hahn Fitness Online Workout Programs: consists of 4 programs with 8-16 workouts each; plus a plethora of tools and resources to help clients stay focused and succeed. These are not individualized workouts, but still offer fantastic exercise options for beginner to advanced.
  2. Online Personal Training: this option allows you to work directly with Kelli to set up goals and a game plan to meet those goals. All workouts will be created and personalized for YOU and can be viewed via the Hahn Fitness app. You will have weekly check-ins with Kelli and work closely with her on your individualized journey.