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Goal Setting

Stop Bullying Your Body

Stop Bullying Your Body

Stop Bullying Your Body

14 Benefits of Strength Training

14 Benefits of Strength Training

Don’t LIMIT your Diet, ADD to it!

ADD to your Diet Instead of Taking Foods AWAY from Yourself!

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy!

Personal Trainer Near Me

Are you looking for a personal trainer near you? I’m so close, I actually come to your home! Find out what services are offered and how I can help you meet your goals.

Motivation to Workout

Have you ever thought about working out, but then heard your inner voice talking about how you “just aren’t motivated today.” Let me guess, this inner voice then pushed you to go back into bed saying, “I’ll wait and try again tomorrow, maybe I’ll be more motivated and more awake then.” We all sit and…

Pre-Natal Workouts

*Consult with a health care professional prior to engaging in any type of pre-natal workouts. And continue to talk with your doctor throughout your pregnancy about exercising to avoid any risks. Why Exercise While Pregnant? Decreases common discomforts such as constipation, swollen extremities, leg cramps, nausea, varicose veins, insomnia, fatigue, back pain, and more Helps…

5-Minute Quick Workouts

Below are a variety of 5-Minute quick workouts that you can do anywhere. It’s not always possible to carve out 30-60 minutes at a time to get a workout in, but almost anyone can find a few 5-minute blocks in their day to get some movement in! From quick ab workout to quick at home…

Running Tips

Over the course of a week I posted a variety of running tips on my Facebook & Instagram pages. The idea was to help runners get out of their usual slow(er) paced jog and start implementing some different styles of running to increase speed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a leisurely jog with a…

Workout with your Kid(s)

We all know that when you have kids it can be a struggle to prioritize working out and taking care of ourselves. BUT…in order for us to be our best self and the best parent/spouse/daughter/son/friend, we need to have self-care strategies in place and make sure we are healthy!

Goal Setting Workshop – Webinar

Learn how to set realistic, practical and accomplishable goals.

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