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Motivation to Workout

Have you ever thought about working out, but then heard your inner voice talking about how you “just aren’t motivated today.” Let me guess, this inner voice then pushed you to go back into bed saying, “I’ll wait and try again tomorrow, maybe I’ll be more motivated and more awake then.”

We all sit and wait for motivation to push us and to make us WANT to do the workout or eat healthier; and we think that motivation is what drives all those people who currently workout regularly and eat generally healthy.


Motivation is NOT worth waiting for. Motivation is not going to magically show up one day and have you hopping out of bed singing, “Woohooo it’s time to workout!” The truth is, that even though I have been consistently working out for 20 years, even I don’t feel motivated to workout most days.

And let me ask you this: Are you MOTIVATED to shower, brush your teeth, do the laundry, go to work? I’ll take a good guess that your answer is NO. Yet, you still do those things and hopefully you are at least brushing your teeth on a daily basis.

So, why not just DO your workout like you do your other necessary things in life. Isn’t your health worth it? Aren’t YOU worth it?

Now, let’s take a step back. When I say that your health is worth doing workouts, this doesn’t mean you have to be extreme.

This Doesn’t Mean:

  • you have to be ripped with rock hard bas and bulging biceps. This doesn’t mean
  • you have to workout 60 min a day 7 days per week
  • you have to jump, sprint, and squat 200 lbs
  • you have to skip going out to eat with friends
  • you have to give up sugar, alcohol or carbs

NO Way! Instead I’m saying that taking small steps to move your body more and implement more nutrient dense foods into your diet can truly make a difference in your health.

As you age, do you hope to be able to still take outdoor walks, play sports well into your adult life, be active with kids / grandkids, and in general FEEL GOOD?!

Getting active and working out now will help you to create habits that will continue to help you for the rest of your life.

The important thing is to ensure that we don’t wait for Motivation, because that will not get up and into your workout clothes. Instead come up with a goal and a plan that will PUSH you to do it, even when you don’t feel like it. Make sure you have a way to be kept accountable. Try to find movement that you enjoy (hiking, dancing, running, tennis, etc.). Find a partner to do your activities with because working out with a friend is always more fun!

Working out can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities.

If you are ready to start working out, but don’t know where to start, contact me and let’s come up with a personalized plan for YOU.

3 responses to “Motivation to Workout”

  1. Michelle D says:

    This is 100% true! Thanks your YOUR motivational writing! I am getting back in the swing of things myself. I have put myself in hold for over three years and I need to put me first and then everyone and everything else after ME! ❤️

    • Exactly! Because when you put yourself first, you show up for others as a better version of you 🙂

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