Change is Hard – Here’s how to make it easier

Change…I like to think of myself as laid back and go with the flow, but who am I kidding? I LOVE structure and routine and thrive in a stable, semi-predictable environment. Now, don’t get me wrong if I’m traveling I often like to go in with no plans and ask locals for recommendations, or if a client needs to completely change up a workout on the spot, I can roll with that (I mean that is my job). But, I remember having to change systems in previous jobs and HATED the learning process. Felt completely overwhelmed and out of control. I found that instead of trying to embrace the change and focusing on how this new system would be better and easier to use down the road; I focused on the frustration I felt in that moment. 

Now, let’s apply that a bit to starting a new workout and healthier eating routine.

You are used to your routine of waking up groggily, sipping on coffee and slowly starting your morning, which includes the chaos of the kids. You usually pop in leftover frozen waffle from your kids’ plates as you clear the table and then survive on coffee alone until lunch. After school drop-off you race to the office, grab lunch out with a coworker; race to pick up the kids at 3:30 and start your non-paying “taxi driver” job to all their after school activities. By the time you get home there’s just enough time to boil some pasta and throw that on the table for the hungry monsters to consume. Then it’s homework, baths, and bed and now; well, you are WIPED! 

How in the name of time existence are you supposed to fit a workout in there? I mean, there are still dishes to be done and laundry to fold. And my goodness, someone has to scrub the bathroom floor of your boys’ bathroom (so gross; why can’t they make it into the toilet bowl?!)

Listen; I get it, when you are this busy and you feel so exhausted the last thing you think could even be possible is working out or meal planning. Can we get an eye roll please. I do understand you, I truly do. 

So, let’s make this change EASIER. Try THIS; instead of THAT

Instead of THAT

  • Looking for a full 60 min. to workout
  • Goal to workout every day
  • Doing a hardcore workout straight away
  • Going out for a run after not running for many years
  • Trying to eat “perfectly”
  • Avoiding ALL sweets / salty treats
  • Getting mad when you miss a workout or eat a bit more unhealthy than planned


  • Schedule 5-20 minutes to workout
  • Aim to workout 3 days a week
  • Ease into workouts (start slow/low)
  • Start with walking, or run/walk to slowly build up
  • Plan in a treat or two for the week to look forward to
  • Give yourself grace and remind yourself you WILL do the next workout & you WILL eat better starting NOW (don’t wait until tomorrow)

Remember, taking small steps toward your health and wellness can help in a BIG way. Oh, did you want to hear some benefits of eating lots of nutritious foods (and less processed / sugar-filled / high in saturated fat foods)? Ok, here you go:

woman skipping through water on beach
  • More Energy
  • Better sleep
  • Can help lower cholesterol / blood pressure
  • FEEL Good
  • Better memory
  • Able to think more clearly
  • May live longer
  • Supports healthy muscles and bones
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Helps digestive system

Now some more tips / ideas on when to fit in workouts in our crazy schedules (can you tell I LOVE bullet points and lists?!):

  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier and do a 15-20 minute strength or yoga session (you can find a TON on youtube that will be good just to get started)
  • Get kid lunches / bags ready the night before. While they eat breakfast do a 15 minute workout
  • After you drop kids at school, do 15-20 minutes of walking or other workout BEFORE you start your work day.
  • Take 20 minutes during your lunch to walk / workout
  • Arrive 20 minutes early to school pickup and walk around the school
  • Instead of just sitting and watching your kids’ soccer practice grab another parent and walk and talk
  • Prep a couple meals on Sunday so you can do a quick workout when you’d normally be cooking dinner (or buy a nutritious pre-made meal!)
  • While kids do homework or watch a TV show before bed, get in that workout OR ask your partner (if you have one) to be in charge 1 or 2 nights a week or 1 or 2 morning a week so you can focus on a workout.
    • It doesn’t have to be the entire morning or evening, but I’m willing to bet they can give you 20 minutes twice a week! If you don’t ask, they might not know you need it.

There is no right or wrong time to squeeze in a workout. The BEST time to workout is when you’ll actually get it done.

Ok, who is ready to make some small changes that will lead to BIG results?

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