At the end of this blog are videos and recipes on how I prepped for the week 🙂

Here are some tips on how to get started with meal prep. I hope they help you succeed in your healthy living goals.

Meal Prep is the BEST way to set yourself up for success when looking to create a healthy eating habit. If you plan your meals out each week and prep them as much as possible you are much more likely to stay on track AND it makes dinner time much less stressful. No one has time to cook every night, so don’t!

How to meal prep:

  • Pick a day or two each week where you can spend a solid amount of time prepping. Many people find Sundays and Wednesdays work well.
    • It’s easier to split up the prep; in regards to time, ingredient freshness, gauging how many more meals you need for the week (there are many times I end up not having to make my Wednesday meal until Thursday or Friday b/c I ended up with so much food, or had an unexpected dinner out with a friend), and time.
  • Figure out how many meals you need (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks)
    • Do you have a lunch meeting/date? Dinner plans with friends? You likely won’t eat a home cooked food for every single meal every week.
  • Breakfast: Keep it simple and quick. Some great options are oatmeal or overnight oats, egg scramble (can put some in fridge to eat another day), fruit & yogurt. Choose a couple breakfast items to eat throughout the week.
  • Lunch & Dinner: Make 3-4 different types of meals to rotate throughout the week for both lunch and dinner.
    • Simple ideas:
      • Grill a variety of meat and eat with roasted veggies, with/on a salad, in a IMG_7306burrito or protein bowl, or in a wrap
      • Veggie Noodle Pasta with shrimp & pesto or ground turkey & marinara sauce
      • Shredded Chicken or Pork in crock pot to eat with roasted veggies, with/on a salad, in a burrito or protein bowl, or in a wrapIMG_7304
      • Stir Fry – just throw in any veggies you have left in the house; along with a protein and a little stir fry sauce
    • Storage: put single servings of meals in individual tupperware, so they are easy to grab. If there is anything you will need to add to it before consuming tape a note on the top with instructions. Keep items that are eaten cold separate from ones that will  need to be warmed in the microwave
  • Keep it simple: the less complicated you make the meals the easier it will be to prep
  • Simg_7203.jpgnacks: Don’t forget to plan out your snacks and prep those too. Aim to eat 2 snacks a day and choose 3-4 types of snacks each week
    • precut your fruits and vegetables, put together single servings of cottage cheese and fruit, put servings of almonds in a baggie; buy string cheese, have small containers to toss a tablespoon of Peanut Butter or hummus into so you can easily bring it with you.
  • Stick with it!

For anyone interested in additional help; there will be more guided assistance for meal prepping available in my 8-week Healthy Habits Adventure online program that will officially launch January 2018. (potential soft launch earlier). Contact me for details


So much food! I did make the Cashew Crusted Chicken at the end of the week and it was tasty!


This week I crushed my meal prep and have 3 awesome recipes all ready to rock. Here’s what I did to prep:

And here are the recipes for this week:


More Meal Plans

  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Shrimp & Veggie Kabobs
  • Butternut Squash, Kale coconut salad
  • Chicken Breast (grilled) for easy grabs
  • Chicken wings on grill
  • Edamame Spaghetti w/ shrimp & pesto
  • Chicken Crust Pizza (SO GOOD!)

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